Prime Time Conference in Ottawa

As part of my mentorship program with the Canadian Media Producers Association, I had the incredible opportunity this past week to attend Prime Time in Ottawa.

Prime Time is a television & film production industry conference and this year the sold out event included talks with Netflix’s Elizabeth Bradley, Canadian actor and producer Jay Baruchel, and other network executives and industry leaders.

CMPA’s Marguerite Pigott opening the conference and introducing the first panel.


I spent most of the weekend meeting and catching up with the other 6 people in the mentorship program, as we learned about each others’ experiences working in different cities, in different roles and on different projects!

Here’s a pic of all of us and our lovely mentorship co-ordinator Sarolta out at a fancy restaurant downtown!

I was slightly terrified to attend a conference where I knew I’d likely be the youngest (and least experienced) person in the room – but everyone was so nice, accommodating and willing to help me learn! I came back to Halifax with lots of advice, several business cards, and a few new friends in the world of film!

Prime Time was a great opportunity to network with other people in the industry and get a chance to learn more about the future of television (it’s OTT – in case you’re wondering).

Here’s some more photos from the trip/event!


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