Eliot & Vine and working full time

About two weeks before graduating with my undergrad, I landed a full time job.

I couldn’t believe it.

For the past four years, these are the things I was being told would never happen.

But now, a month in, here I am (still employed).

I’ve been working as the social media & promotions manager at Eliot & Vine restaurant here in Halifax.


The fare is European, and a little upscale. It’s a gorgeous, bright building on the corner of Cunard & Clifton streets. Their patio is one of the nicest in Halifax this summer (and not just because there aren’t many open).

The place opened last year and is still finding its groove and growing up, and I’m so pleased I am a part of the team helping to make that happen.

To keep up with what I do day-to-day, you can follow all their social media accounts:
And their website.

I promise photos of steaming plates of seafood, sneak peaks behind the scenes in the kitchen, and plenty of happy hour drinks you’ll want to try.

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